Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection

For the purpose of the provisions of Spanish Act 15/1999, December 13 concerning Personal Data Protection, CATENA IURIS S.L informs the User of this web page about the existence of an electronic data file created for and by CATENA IURIS S.L and under the responsibility of our law firm, for the purpose of maintaining and managing the professional relationship with the Users of its website as well as for information tasks. Upon acceptance of these general terms, CATENA IURIS S.L will require each User to provide a series of data that are essential to enable us to provide our professional services.

Registration forms and electronic data files

It is compulsory to fill out our electronic forms in order to access our website and enjoy a series of services offered on it. If a User does not provide the required personal data or does not accept our current data protection policy, this User will be unable to subscribe to, register with or participate in any of our special offers that require personal data.

Under the provisions of Spanish Act 15/1999, December 13 concerning Personal Data Protection, we inform the Users of our website that their personal data obtained through their registering as Users, are included in a database belonging to our law firm CATENA IURIS S.L, holder of Spanish Tax ID No. B-92566009, which address is CENTRO DE NEGOCIOS TEMBO, BLOCK B, OFFICE 4, 29602 MARBELLA (PROVINCE MALAGA, SPAIN). Our law firm will implement the safety measures concerning personal data that are required by Royal Decree 1720/2007, December 21.

Accuracy and truthfulness of Personal Data provided by Users of our website

The User of our website will be the only party liable for the truthfulness and accuracy of any data provided by him and included in the electronic data files of our law firm, CATENA IURIS S.L having absolutely no liability regarding such personal data. The User warrants for the accuracy, validity and authenticity of personal data provided to us through our web site; as the User will in any case be held liable for the accuracy of his personal data, the User hereby undertakes to keep his personal data properly updated. The User hereby states that he is willing to provide complete and correct information by filling in the registration or subscription form on our website. CATENA IURIS S.L will not be made liable for the veracity of any information that was not supplied by our law firm and indicating another source. Furthermore, our law firm will not assume any liability whatsoever for any possible damages that may arise from such information being used. CATENA IURIS S.L reserves the right to update, modify or remove any information displayed on its website. Furthermore, our law firm is entitled to restrict or deny access to such information. CATENA IURIS S.L will be held harmless of any liability that may arise from any damage or prejudice caused to the User of this website due to errors, defects or omissions in the information provided by our law firm, whenever such information arises from sources unrelated to our law firm CATENA IURIS S.L.


Our website does not use cookies; these are small electronic data files containing information hosted in the browser of each User that make it easier for the User to surf on the Internet and on our website. Anyway, Users always have the possibility to change the configuration of their browser to prevent cookies from being generated by their Internet browser and being stored in it.


The purposes of CATENA IURIS S.L. are to upkeep and manage the professional relationship with the Users of its website as well as to perform information tasks.

Underage Users

In the event that any of our professional services was specifically meant for Underage Users, CATENA IURIS S.L will request permission from parents or tutors before either collecting the personal data of such Underage Users or, where appropriate, automatically processing their data.

Users’ personal data being conveyed to third parties

CATENA IURIS S.L will not provide any personal data of the Users of its website to any third parties.

Rights of Users to access, correct, cancel and voice their opposition to their personal data being included in the database of our law firm

Users may send messages and exercise their rights to access, correct and cancel their personal data and request that their personal data be excluded from data processing by our law firm, either by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by regular postal mail to CATENA IURIS S.L, Ref. LOPD, CENTRO DE NEGOCIOS TEMBO, BLOQUE B, OFICINA 4, 29602 MARBELLA (PROVINCIA MALAGA, ESPAÑA). As required by Instruction 1/1998, January 19 issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency, the User who wishes to exercise any such rights must evidence to CATENA IURIS S.L that he is in fact the person he purports to be by including a photostat of his National ID card or any other document that is legally acceptable in Spain. However, the modification or correction of personal data may be done by the User on the website itself by identifying himself through a User Name and Password.

Safety Measures

CATENA IURIS S.L has implemented the safety levels that are legally required in Spain to protect personal data and will endeavour to use any other measures and additional technical means within its reach to avoid any loss, wrongful use, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of personal data provided by the Users of our website to CATENA IURIS S.L. CATENA IURIS S.L will not be held liable for any possible damages that may arise from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, phone line breakdowns or disconnection problems that may affect our electronic system for causes unrelated to CATENA IURIS S.L as well as for delays or blockages experienced by the User when using our electronic system caused by deficiencies, phone line overloading or problems with the Data Processing Centre, the Internet system or any other electronic system. Furthermore, our law firm will not be held liable for any damages that may be caused by illegal intrusions of third parties beyond the control of CATENA IURIS S.L. However, the User of our website must be aware that safety measures on the Internet can never 100 % effective.

User’s Acceptance and Consent

The User hereby confirms having been informed about the terms for the protection of his/her personal data. The User hereby accepts and consents that his personal data will be automatically processed in a database by our law firm, CATENA IURIS S.L., in the manner and for the purposes indicated in this Personal Data Protection Policy. Certain services provided by our website may contain special terms, including specific steps concerning the protection of Personal Data having to be taken.

This Legal Notice in English is for information only, as the Spanish original text will prevail.