The Law 13/2015 of June 24 governing the Reform of the Mortgage Law approved by the Decree of February 8, 1946 and new text of the Law governing the Cadastre, approved by the Legislative Royal Decree 1/2004 of March 5.

  • Its purpose is to increase legal certainty concerning property transactions and to simplify the administrative procedure by improving coordination between the Cadastre and the Land Registry.
  • It regulates the procedure of entering the graphic representation of the property in the Registry as well as the procedure making possible for the interested party to submit and rectify the property representation, if ever it does not fit the registered one, protecting the rights of the owners of adjacent properties in both cases.
  • It regulates the process of rectification of the registered surface area based on the description, surface and boundaries of the registered properties that is established for the first property registration, except for minor differences for which this is not considered necessary (less than 5 % of the registered surface area). The registration of the properties will be carried out by following a process for the purpose of determining the title to the property; this is now a meticulous process that does not require any court intervention.
  • The literary description of the registered property is complete when it comprises its physical features, financial and legal data, among which the location and the property reference, the surface area, the use or purpose, the type of crop or use, the quality of construction, the graphic representation, the property value and the name of the property holder, including his/her tax Spanish tax identification number or, where appropriate, identity number of foreigner in Spain (NIE). As soon as the property data shall be coordinated with the Land Registry, the above mentioned circumstance will be mentioned together with its registration code.


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